"Wherever you go, and in whatever you do, MAKE DISCIPLES! As you do this, I will be WITH YOU!" (Matthew 28:19-20)

When the original band of Disciples heard these words, they knew exactly what Jesus meant. Their personal experience with Jesus' way of discipling them involved three years of very close relationship. They observed the daily practices that were part of Jesus' relationship with the Heavenly Father. Jesus focused on what we are calling the Sacred Arts of Surrendering, Humbling, Abiding, Waiting, and Listening.  And He equipped them to follow His example so they would be able to experience a life of abiding in Him, the True Vine (John 15).

Mentoring Sacred Arts is committed to building the DNA of Jesus-like discipleship into your life, and qualifying you as a mentor who can multiply Jesus' Kingdom commission by passing it forward to those your life touches.

Partner With Us

   Opportunities for… 

  • Being mentored in the Sacred Arts…Surrendering-Humbling-Abiding-Waiting-Listening
  • Becoming a Qualified Mentor of the Sacred Arts 
  • Connecting with others to fulfill Jesus’ disciple-making commission
  • Investing through prayer and finances to see lives being mentored into Christlikeness

For more information on Mentoring Sacred Arts, please view the MSA Ministry Overview Booklet...  MSA Bulls-Eye of Mentoring... MSA Transformation Progression


The Team


 Carlo Walth

 Carlo Walth is the Director of MSA and serves as an adjunct professor at William Jessup University. He is an ordained minister with more than 30 years of pastoring, mentoring, and leadership development experience. He holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Formation from Fuller Seminary and has studied under the teaching and mentoring of Dr. Dallas Willard. 

JA & Harp.jpg

Jean Ann Walth

Jean Ann Walth is Qualified Mentor of MSA and Certified Music Practitioner (CMP®). In addition to being a Qualified Mentor of the Sacred Arts, she leads spiritual practices in Artful Contemplation with her anointed harp playing. Jean Ann and her husband Carlo live in Northern California.

Jamie Bahr.jpg

Jamie Bahr

Jamie Bahr lives in the Seattle area and is a Qualified Mentor of MSA. She holds a Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary and serves as primary consultant for MSA. She is a creative and articulate communicator regarding spiritual formation and effective mentoring.

Our Board

Scott & Janelle McGuckin.jpg

Scott McGuckin

Scott lives in Granite Bay, CA and is the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition with Kaiser Permanente. His wife Janelle is a nurse, also at Kaiser.

Jeremiah & Mindy Hartin.jpg

 Jeremiah Hartin

 Jeremiah serves as a pilot in Indonesia with Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF). His wife Mindy is a nurse.

Shaun & Neena Joseph.jpg

Shaun Conrad

Shaun lives in El Dorado Hills, CA is a PCH Power Architect at Intel Corporation. His wife Neena also works at Intel.

Paul & Janet Swanson.jpg

Paul Swanson

Paul lives in Rocklin, CA and is a Physical Therapy Clinician with Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy Clinics. His wife Janet is an amazing mom and grandmother.

 Meet a few of our many Qualified Mentors of the Sacred Arts...

Tyler & Aimee Schmorleitz.jpg

 Tyler & Aimee Schmorleitz

 Citrus Heights, CA (PSG Certified Public Accountants)

Eric & Becky Salazar.jpg

 Eric & Becky Salazar

 La Mirada, CA (College Golf Fellowship)

David & Whitney Gabris.jpg

 David & Whitney Gabris,

Gold River, CA (Gabris Real Estate)

Brad & Laurel Jenkins.jpg

Brad & Laurel Jenkins,

 Slovenia (Josiah Venture Mission)