E N C O U N T E R   L A B S

  • Are You feeling That life has been moving too quickly, full of busyness and overwhelming distractions?

  • Are You craving the idea of SACRED SPACE, with quality time for spiritual CONNECTION, REFLECTION, and RENEWAL?

  • Are You sensing that much value would come from a CREATIVE PUSH in your Friendship with Jesus?

EN-COUN-TER: To make an interpersonal connection in an authentic and meaningful way.

LAB: A context that provides a set of conditions conducive for observation, investigation, and practice.

ENCOUNTER LABS provide a context of sacred space that is conducive for creative spiritual practices. They may be as brief as 2 hours or as long as 24 hours. Encounter Lab participants are led in engaging the Sacred Arts Series and may be experienced individually, in the context of a mentoring partnership, or together with a cohort. Consider experiencing an ENCOUNTER LAB with a spouse, a friend, a small group, a ministry team, etc.