Mentoring Sacred Arts
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Welcome to Mentoring Sacred Arts… where discipleship, God’s pathway for transformation into Christ-likeness… is celebrated, supported, and multiplied. Jesus said, "Go and make disciples... and I will be with you..." Matthew 28:19-20 



Surrendering to Encountering Christ in Formation Friendship


Humbling ourselves to the indwelling presence of Christ


Abiding in Christ, the True Vine, moment by moment, day by day



Waiting on the Father in a relationship of constant Encounter


Listening and recognizing God's quiet voice deep within


Sacred ARTS 

The five Guides in the Sacred Arts Series provide a pathway of spiritual formation mentoring that progress in the sequence of the acrostic S.H.A.W.L.  


Encounter Labs

Experience creative spiritual practices of the Sacred Arts for Encountering Christ in a context of sacred time and space.



What People Are Saying

"My experience with learning the Sacred Art of Abiding in Christ, and getting involved in the ministry of Mentoring Sacred Arts, is providing an impact on my personal spiritual formation that is greater than any other period of my life. With Carlo’s mentoring, and the rich content of the Sacred Arts Series, my spiritual identity in Christ is being profoundly impacted. The depths of my Encounters with Jesus are being richly enhanced as I engage the creative spiritual practices. The life changing potential of being mentored in the Sacred Arts is staggering for followers of Jesus.”

— JOSH HARTIN, Sheriff's Deputy (Roseville, california)