It is amazing to see fruitful stories of how God is bringing genuine spiritual
formation into the lives of people through Mentoring Sacred Arts.  


Susan Newman

Adult Ministries Director (Retired), Sunrise Community Church (Fair Oaks, caliornia)

OK, so I started the morning before arriving at the Encounter Lab feeling agitated of soul, thinking of so many things I needed to get done and follow-up on. As I was driving over to the retreat center I told the Lord I would trust Him to take care of what was concerning me.

A word that kept coming to me was “gift.” When we started the Encounter Lab readings, what do I keep coming across but “gift.” This day and time was a gift from the Lord. As I settled in to the Lab exercises and still moments, I began to sense more soothing of soul.

As I’ve reflected on the day, I had an “ah-ha” moment of understanding more about “Surrendering.” I realized that the volitional act of giving my day and concerns to Him (and not taking it back when I was tempted to), freed me up to spend the kind of quality time with Him that I want to have every day of my life!

By the afternoon I no longer had the temptation to check my phone or worry about what needed to get done. WHY do I keep surrendering to the tyranny of the urgent instead of to Christ???!!! Slow learner… still learning about Surrendering…

Brad Dacus

President of Pacific Justice Institute

I’ve known Carlo for 25 years. Seldom have I met someone so gifted with such proven discipleship skills. I look forward to the fruitful results of his important life changing ministry.  


Jeremy Bouris

Youth Pastor and student at Covenant seminary (St. Louis, Missouri)

The Shepherd of my soul sometimes manifests Himself in very clear and tangible ways.  I have come to understand that meeting Carlo was a tangible work of the Good Shepherd.  He walked into my office and greeted me with the grace and love of a friend and a father.  Carlo  invited me to join a group of youth pastors on a journey to learn the Sacred Art of Abiding in Christ. I am convinced that those ten weeks have defined my ministry as a pastor for the years to come. I was exposed to some of the most cutting and healing works that I have ever read in Andrew Murray’s Abiding in Christ.  I came to know the power of resting in Christ in a whole new way.

Jon Fox

 Pastor of student Ministries, Centerpoint Church (Pleasant grove, utah)

After spending 12 weeks going through the Abiding Guide with Dr. Carlo Walth, I cannot share enough about how valuable I believe this material was to my relationship with Jesus. As I entered into this study, I was challenged to seek a deeper abiding connection with Him. Carlo’s teaching on spiritual practices has helped me change my attitude and outlook on how I need to pursue Jesus. I have found new ways to connect with Christ and to be reminded of His presence. The intertwining of Andrew Murray’s profound words with guidance into new and unique spiritual practices is resulting in much fruit.

Danny Basham

 Youth Pastor, Redding neighborhood church (redding, california)

Intentional mentoring in the Sacred Arts Series has helped me to grow in my understanding and experience of a deep personal relationship with the Lord. Much of my Christian walk has been lived looking back on all that the Lord had saved me from. I was living my Christian life out of a deep gratitude for His forgiving grace. I have also been focused on the Kingdom to come. Being mentored in Surrendering, Humbling, and Abiding is helping me to go deeper with Encountering Jesus on a daily basis… experiencing His love and presence here and now.

In many ways I believe the focus on Sacred Arts has opened up my spiritual life. I feel like I have moved from a shallow and narrow experience of Christ to a deep and wide relationship with the ever present person of Jesus. Learning to abide in Christ has transformed my walk and will continue to shape and influence my walk with the Lord.

Jesus said, "Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself,

unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me." John 15:4